Website content


  • What is the phone number to use for contact purposes? (Currently shown in header and footer)
  • Is there a fax number for the HOA to show?  (Currently shown in the footer and on contact page)
  • Is there a physical and/or mailing address to specify? (Currently shown in the footer and on contact page)
  • What email address should be the recipient of contact form inquiries? 
  • Are there photos available to use on the home page 'slider' (Photos at the top of the home page
    Note: I used some photos I had on file that were lower than ideal resolution which is why the ones shown are blurry.  Ideally the images should be 1280 pixels wide 
  • Are there any existing social media accounts to link? (i.e Facebook, Twitter, etc.,.
    Note: There are icons in the lower left of the website footer for linkage to social media accounts 

Content Needed

Home Page
  • An introductory paragraph, or two, about the association / community (Approx. 150 words)
  • Graphic Memory will provide copy for the three 'lead-ins' (Newsletter, Documents, Photo Gallery)
Interior Pages
  • About Us: Similar to the intro paragraph on the home page, this should provide more information about the community, such as:
    • Community History
    • Community Website Purpose Statement
    • Community Plat Diagram(s)
    • Community Clubs
  • Community Information:
    • Documents:  Are there digital versions of any HOA documentation currently available (PDF or Word format) (i.e. by-laws, rules and regulations, community specific forms)
    • Directory: Is there a directory of members and/or officers available to show on the website?
    • Note: If necessary, some or all of these documents could be password protected to restrict access
    • Local Resources:  a list of city/state resources you'd like to include for residents (web addresses or downloadable documents)
    • Photo Gallery: Any photos of the community to display in a photo gallery 
  • News & Events
    • Newsletters: Are there digital versions of  HOA Newsletters currently available? (PDF or Word format)
    • Events: The time, date, and location of any upcoming events

Domain Name Access

  • The domain name is registered through Go Daddy
  • I will need to change a setting in this Go Daddy account to 'point' the website to our server (change the nameserver)
  • Does the association have access to this Go Daddy account? It was first registered by Brian Runge ( Click for screen shot of domain registration.