Black Templar Crusade Rules

On the eve of the battle, the warriors of a crusade gather to be led by their chaplains in prayer and contemplation. In their righteous zeal, united in their hatred of the enemy, they take a powerful oath to be respected in the battle to come. As mentioned above, some sections of the oath reward certain relics that may be collected during one or more individual crusades. There are four relics of this type to which these pieces belong, and if you can collect each component relic piece, you can rebuild them and give them to a unit in your order of battle. Some of these relics are quite impressive, but require a considerable number of games to unlock, giving your power meaning and something to work on. Black Templar units also have access to a new “Templar Wish” mechanic that acts as an equivalent to the other “Super Doctrine” rules in the chapters. At the end of the Read Mission Briefing step, a Black Templar player can select a single Templar wish to take effect. SRM: Some sections of Crusade feel a little bit, but boy, it`s not one of them. Although calendars aren`t my favorite, the Oath system gets into the and is so fluffy that it hurts. Relics, especially those for which you have to collect coins, are fun and dripping with the taste of the Templar, black.

Most importantly, this Crusade section contains a name generator with two D66 tables. Every crusade section without one is absolutely missing, and if that includes your code, I`m sorry your army isn`t as cool as mine. I`m just happy that the guys who are involved in crusades that literally span millennia and have access to not one, but three units with “Crusaders” in their name are actually good at the whole Crusader thing. Once both players have deployed their armies, select up to three PHOBOS units from your army and redeploy them. If the mission uses the rules for strategic reserves, each of these units can be divided into strategic reserves without having to issue additional PAs, regardless of the number of units already in the strategic reserves. If both players have abilities that redeploy units, you roll; The winner decides who will redeploy their units first. SRM: I like Visions from the Emperor as a way to trade a shitty character for an extremely cool character, and it reinforces the background of the Emperor Champion in a way that normal match games can`t. The chosen marshal, who upgrades one of your crusader squads to new units, also rules and perfectly reflects the background.

That`s what Crusade is! The Marshall and Emperor`s Champion models come on separate sprues and although the Champion is the “mono pose” of the set, with virtually no flexibility in the approach to construction, the Marshall kit is excellent, including a selection of heads, primary and secondary weapons. The models are not difficult to assemble and both have a great silhouette when ready. These are great centerpiece models for the whole thing (with fantastic rules!) and I can`t wait to paint them. The next section of the book are the sections on the rules of the army that cover the litanies of pious traits and warlords, relics and bearers of unique relics of the Black Templars. The first thing to say is that this book is full of relics, with a total of 22 for Matched Play and another 7 for Crusade. Some of the relics are only available for certain units, using the new relic holder rules, which I will review later in the review. I`ll first cover Relic`s generic options here and focus on my strengths. If your army is led by an ADEPTUS ASTARTES WARLORD, when you raise your army, you can give one of the following chapter relics to an ADEPTUS ASTARTES CHARACTER MODEL from your army. Named characters and models of VEHICULEs may not receive any of the following relics. If a template in your army receives a chapter relic, replace all instances of the keyword in the relic rules (if any) with the name of the chapter where your template originated.

Note that some relics replace any of the existing war equipment. If this is the case, if you use point values, you will still have to bear the cost of the war equipment that will be replaced. Write down all the chapter relics your models have on your army list. The army has a number of special rules, the most important to observe: What about the Codex supplement itself? From a playful point of view, it offers a fun set of rules and mechanisms for the Black Templars and there are certainly strong synergies between the different Templar vows and chaplains. I think the armies of the Black Templars will play very differently from those of other Space Marines, who rely more on powerful units of melee characters supported by several squads of rapidly moving armed melee units, although I can also see Black Templars making good use of gladiators and redeemers! It`s hard to say how they`ll fare in the current meta, but I think an army of Black Templars will be very tough and fast, able to confuse enemy psykers and big, harmful Deathstar-like characters, and then deliver a surprisingly powerful blow as soon as they approach. Fans of Crusade and narrative games will find plenty to enjoy here, with so many themes and traditions dripping through the different rules and mechanics! As I said earlier, this is arguably the best Crusade content we`ve seen so far in a codex from the 9th. and sets the bar very high for those who follow. In keeping with other codices and additions to the 9th edition, the rules section of the book begins with a very useful color-coded content page that allows the reader to quickly find a particular section.

I`ll take a closer look at each section below. This section of the book is intended to be used in conjunction with the most important Codex Space Marines. There are a lot of references to rules in the ledger, but I hope it shouldn`t cause too many problems during a game, thanks to the handy index and glossary of the new 9th edition of Codexes. Finally, we reach the section that I was most looking forward to, the crusade section. As befits a chapter of the Space Marines whose Warrios have led crusades over the past 10,000 years, the rules of the Black Templar Crusades are full of character and theme! For the most part, Games Workshop has created some really fantastic crusade content (check out the Dark Eldar or Adepta Sororitas books for a particularly good set of crusade rules) and they don`t give in here! If, like us, you`re a Crusade fan, you`re in for a treat. I will begin by examining the agendas, requisitions, and battle features before moving on to the main sections of the Crusade Rules, which are the Crusade Oaths, the Recovered Relics, and the Crusade Relics themselves. With the Black Templar Army box in the hands of fans and the rule previews galore by Games Workshop, we can get a better idea of what all the new rules look like for Crusaders of Dorn. This pistol adorned with unknown designs can only be fired when chained to the wrist of the wearer, but delivers each shot with strange precision, directly into the heart of anyone who would deposit the crusaders chosen by the emperor. The most emblematic model of a completely emblematic army, the emperor`s champion, fights in style. With the black sword and a variety of war equipment and rules adapted to face the best, this leader is an extraordinary character killer.

The High Marshall itself has crossed the Rubicon and has an amazing new model! In addition, it also has a pretty amazing new set of rules. Surprisingly cheap, Helbrecht has a statline comparable to Marneus Calgar with 160 (but much cheaper). It offers the usual Chapter Master buffs, but also increases the strength of base units near 1. However, his weapons are fantastic, starting with the Melta/Bolt Rifle combo, which allows him to threaten both infantry and tanks from a distance. Then we come to his sword of the high marshalls, who has two profiles from which he must choose every time he makes an attack. It can either do a two-handed attack Sx2, AP-3, Damage 3 (not bad if you can easily get Helbrecht up to 8 attacks) or a full one-handed attack that doubles the number of attacks in S+2 AP-3 Damage 1. Helbrecht is a flexible unit that can handle infantry or vehicles/monsters with its blade. Marshal Tännhauser was martyred by the Black Legion in the decisive rutgers battle Reach Crusade. His bones, wrapped in small relics, were distributed among the warriors of this crusade during the Victory Sermon. Everyone is a strong reminder of the duty and expectations placed on each Black Templar. Just before the specs themselves, there is a single page that contains a description of some of the unique war equipment and weapon options of the Black Templars.

Here you can see additional options to arm your Marshalls and Castellans (Primaris Captains and Primaris Lieutenants, respectively).