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Before the Law promotes an interdisciplinary approach to introduce students to the purpose and practice of law in our society. Excerpts from current and traditional court proceedings, as well as documents on trends in jurisprudence, come from a number of legal sources, including court opinions; sociological, psychological and anthropological analyses; historical and philosophical approaches; and literary reflections. The readings cover topical topics such as online dispute resolution and the protection of personal and property rights in cyberspace; same-sex marriage; and post-9/11 counter-terrorism legislation. 15. The Jury as a Political Institution 15.1 Duncan v. Louisiana 15.2 Blakely v. Washington 15.3 Procès devant jury aux États-Unis, Alexis de Tocqueville 15.4 Annulation du jury : le droit de dire non, Alan Scheflin 15.5 Jurys miséricordieux : la résilience de l’annulation du jury, Alan W. Scheflin et Jon M. Van Dyke 15.6 Instructions du jury 15.7 États-Unis c. Dougherty et al. 10.

Law’s Techniques 10.1 Confronting the Complexity of the Policing Function, Herman Goldstein 10.2 Walking the Beat Alone: An African American Police Officer’s Perspective on Petit Apartheid, Jackie Campbell 10.3 Terry v. Bundesstaat Ohio 10.4 Brown v. Texas 10.5 Florida v. Bostick 10.6 Interstate Travel: Constitutional Challenges to the Identification Requirement and Other Transportation Security Regulations, Todd B. Tatelman Conclusion Suggested Additional Readings III. Rechtsanwälte 11. La profession de droit 11.1 Le tempérament de la profession juridique aux États-Unis, Alexis de Tocqueville 11.2 Friendly Fire, David Goodman 11.3 The Big Casino, Roy Grutman et Bill Thomas 11.4 Le prix du droit, Gilliam K. Hadfield 17. Niedergang der Jury: Demokratie à Gefahr? 17.1 Auszug aus The Transformation of American Law, Morton Horwitz 17.2 An Introduction to Tort Reform and Its Effect on the Survival of Trial by Jury, Stephen Arons 17.3 The Not-So-Quiet Revolution, Philip Corboy 17.4 Empirical Research and Civil Jury Reform, Valerie P.

Hans et Stephanie Albertson 17.5 Johnson v. Louisiana 17.6 Apodaca et al. v. Oregon 17.7 Das einstimmige Urteil, Jeffrey Abramson Schlussfolgerung Vorgeschlagene zusätzliche Lesungen c. Recht in Theorie und Praxis 4. Recht und widersprüchliche Interessen 4.1 Warum die “Besitzenden” die Nase vorn haben: Spekulationen über die Grenzen der Gesetzesänderung, Marc Galanter 4.2 Der Fall der verwöhnten Chilenen, Laura Nader 4.3 Susquehanna Fertilizer Co. v. Malone 4.4 Madison v. Ducktown Sulphur, Copper & Iron Co.

4.5 Ohio v. Wyandotte Chemicals Corp. 4.6 Living Is for Everyone, Miriam Davidson 8. Legal Force 8.1 The Violence of Legal Acts, Robert M. Cover 8.2 Address to Cook County Jail Prisoners, Clarence Darrow 8.3 The Rule of Law vs. the Order of Custom, Stanley Diamond 22nd Smittling Disputes in Cyberspace 22.1 The Impact of Cyberspace on Disputes and Dispute Resolution, Ethan Katsh and Janet Rifkin 1. Legislation and precedent: How judges and lawyers in previous cases argue 1.1 The Bramble Bush, Karl N. Llewellyn 1.2 State v. Pendergrass 1.3 Joyner v.

Joyner 1.4 State v. Black 1.5 State v. Rhodes 1.6 State v. Mabrey 1.7 The Bramble Bush (continued), Karl N. Llewellyn 1.8 State v. Oliver Discover more of the author`s books, see similar authors, read author blogs and more Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service, which we offer to sellers with whom they can store their products in Amazon`s logistics centers, and we pack, ship and offer customer service for these products directly. We hope you`ll love it: FBA items are eligible for FREE shipping and. 2.

Law and Official Judgment 2.1 The Judging Process and the Personality of the Judge, Jerome Frank 2.2 A Case of Falsification 2.3 The Queen v. Dudley and Stephens 2.4 America imprisoned 13. Lawyers and the Adversarial Process 13.1 The Ethics of Advocacy, Charles P. Curtis 13.2 The Theory of “Fighting” against “Truth,” Jerome Frank Theory 13.3 “I Have Nothing to Do with Justice,” James Mills 13.4 The End of Law, Rex R. Perschbacker and Debra Lyn Bassett suggested an additional reading IV. The jury 20. Public Disputes and Dispute Resolution 20.1 Disputes Together: Conflict Resolution and Community Seeking, Robert M. Ackerman 20.2 Conflict Resolution, Cultural Differences and Culture of Racism, Howard Gadlin 20.3 The Calculator: How Herbert Feinberg Determines the Value of Three Thousand Lives, Elizabeth Kolbert Conclusion Exchanging Justice for Harmony, Laura Nader VI. Cyberspace and the future of law 3. Law and Values 3.1 The Sorcerer and His Magic, C. Levi-Strauss 3.2 Simple Life and Difficult Decisions, Maureen A.

Flannery 3.3 Cook v. State 3.4 Furman v. Georgia 3.5 Hanged Judges, Bryan Stevenson 3.6 The End of Executions? The anti-death penalty movement gains strength, Linda Lutton 3.7 A Hanging, George Orwell 215: The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 6.6 Romer v. Evans 6.7 Goodridge v. Department of Public Health 19. Règlement des différends et justice communautaire 19.1 The Social Organization of Mediation in Nonindustrial Societies: Implications for Informal Community Justice in America, Sally Engle Merry 19.2 The Development and Impact of Victim-Offender Mediation in the United States, Mark S. Umbreit 19.3 Talking with the Enemy, Anne Fowler, Nicki Nichols Gamble, Frances X. Hogan, Melissa Kogut, Madeline McComish, et Barbara Thorp 5. Recht, Status, Reichtum und Macht 5.1 Das Kapital, « The Working Day », Karl Marx 5.2 American Textile Mfrs.

Inst. v. Donovan 5.3 The State, V.I. Lenin 5.4 From Day Clean to First Dark, Kenneth Stampp 5.5 Thornton and Wife v. The Suffolk Manufacturing Company 5.6 Streich c. General Motors Corp. 5.7 Témoignage de John Higbie 5.8 Fibreboard Paper Products Corp. c. NLRB 5.9 Témoignage de William H. Bywater 5.10 The New Free-Trade Heel, Jeffrey Ballinger 5.11 Service Economy, John J. Bonsignore 23. Protecting Rights in Cyberspace 23.1 Planned Parenthood vs.

American Coalition of Life Activists 24. Protecting Property in Cyberspace 24.1 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer v. Grokster 24.2 Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios, Inc.