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LAO also provides notarized public services and assistance with immigration and naturalization. LAO`s services are provided in the form of resources and typically include assistance with pre-establishment legal preparation, estate planning, family law, consumer protection, debtor-creditor issues and owner-tenant issues. Aden Wilkie provides legal advice to military personnel facing any type of charge or in need of legal advice. Whether you are facing minor misconduct or are called to court martial, the Devil Dog Defender will carefully and strategically design your defense. Here are some of the consultation areas we offer: Camp Lejeune is located on a long stretch of land that covers 14 miles of beach. Recently, the military added a new state-of-the-art training ground to this world-renowned facility. Five separate Marine Corps bases and air stations support this base, including Camp Johnson, Camp Geiger, New River, Courthouse Bay, and Stone Bay. Camp Lejeune, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, is a Marine Corps base camp located between the ports of Wilmington and Morehead City. The base allows high-intensity training of attack and amphibious defense. It focuses on deploying troops with the highest speed and accuracy.

Built in 1941, the camp was originally designed as a training center for the armed forces during World War II. After the end of the war, the government converted it into a training center. At that time, it formed, among other things, the Fleet Marine Force. While this may vary from one service branch to another, all have some detrimental administrative measures. A commanding officer may take such action against his subordinates for improper performance at work or minor misconduct that does not reach the level of a summary court martial under section 15. Alternatively, it may be something that the commander wants to address in a forum that is relatively quick and offers the recipient fewer opportunities to combat the problem or be entitled to genuine due process. That being said, in today`s military, even a General Officer Reprimand Memorandum (GOMAR) in the Military or a negative fitness report in any of the branches means that your career is essentially over, or at least your chances of being promoted or re-enlisted are slim. Therefore, even at this lower end of the spectrum of quasi-legal issues affecting your command, it`s important to seek the help of an experienced civil defense attorney like Aden Wilkie. Life in the army can be very difficult for military personnel. Military personnel are often subjected to scrutiny on a daily basis.

There is a high probability that soldiers will be seriously punished for the slightest violation. This is likely due to the growing emphasis on restoring the image of the defence services and maintaining their credibility. Therefore, it is important that you look for a lawyer right in front of the front door of the Camp Lejeune base. A lawyer like Aden Wilkie will represent you if you are prosecuted or if you have the option of a court martial. Whether you are charged with a relatively minor crime or a serious crime, a conviction could cost you your military career. Plus, it could cost you a lot of time and money and end up in the brick. You`ll have a permanent criminal record, not to mention ruin your hard-earned reputation. It is not uncommon for members of the military to require a power of attorney due to the nature of military functions. To transfer their responsibilities, they must properly sign their belongings to a trusted representative. It can be their spouse, boyfriend, siblings, or anyone they trust that they have power over their legal and financial affairs. Wilkie Law Firm is an experienced civilian military lawyer with over 20 years of experience and is willing and willing to support those interested in military authority.

LAO provides a wide range of civilian legal assistance services to eligible personnel (active military, retired and respective dependents) in accordance with the General Counsel of the Navy Manual and the Marine and Marine Corps Supplementary Regulations. Only a civilian practitioner like the Devil Dog Defender has the freedom to legally defend clients in a manner that cannot be done on active duty and in the same uniform as prosecutors and government commanders charged with laying charges against the person in question. In addition to providing legal services at Camp Lejeune, Wilkie also provides legal services at Fort Bragg as well as military defense at camps, bases, forts and remittances across the country. To protect everything that is dear to you, it may be necessary to hire a civilian lawyer rather than an active military lawyer. For example, if you accept free legal counsel from the military, your case will be assigned to a lawyer based solely on who is available at that time, meaning your own preferences will not be taken into account. However, when you hire a private civil defense lawyer, you have the power to choose someone you trust and you feel comfortable putting your case in their hands. You have the ultimate decision on who represents you, so you can consider your personal preferences and requirements. With that in mind, make sure you choose someone who meets all the standards and qualities that are important to you. Security clearance is a mandatory designation for any contractor or government employee who works for the U.S. government and needs access to classified information. Those who get a security clearance are an elite of a few who have earned the trust of the government.