Axie Ban Rules

More than 30,000 axles were banned overnight, resulting in a wave of bans on Axie Infinity. Players are encouraged to pay attention to Axie Infinity`s lockout rules to avoid problems, as the many suspended accounts are due to a violation of the Terms of Service. In principle, all users, owners and players of Axie Infinity should carefully read its Terms of Use, which you can access Negligence against their conditions can lead to prohibition. Axie Infinity is a very profitable game, so you should not break the rules, if you do, you will lose all your investment in a very stupid way. Then my recommendation is that you follow the rules, if you don`t agree, you can trade your axes and invest in something else. Play the game safely without running the risk of being banned. You must read and follow the rules stated on the Terms of Use page of the official Axie Infinity website. As a result, they were able to sell their axes on the Axie market at a very low price.

Even though these axes were bought by another player at the time, Sky Mavis explained that they were still banned in the end. In Axie Infinity`s play-to-earn paradigm, a player`s winnings are limited by their energy, a consumable resource in the game that evolves based on the number of axes they have in their account. The manipulation of energy takes place, among other things, on many points. Sky Mavis has listed many other rules regarding its terms of use. However, keep in mind that these are some of the biggest offenses that you should carefully avoid. Related Article: Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH Value Set for $3000 Boost after London Hard Fork Since Axie Infinity is based on real cryptocurrency and money, this game has very long terms of use. Unfortunately, many players often skip reading some important points when signing up for services and rules. If a player breaks any of these “rules”, Sky Mavis will automatically suspend a game account, often without explanation. So keep in mind the following points and avoid being banned/suspended in Axie Infinity. Review these very important racing rules that you need to keep in mind when playing Axie Infinity.

On November 23, 2021, at midnight, it was reported that Axie Infinity had suspended 18,505 Axies that violated the rules regarding the misuse of multiple accounts in the Terms of Service. Axie Infinity takes violations of its Terms of Use very seriously. Below are some of the most commonly broken rules, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. If Sky Mavis violates any of these “rules”, Sky Mavis will automatically suspend an Axie Infinity account, often without explanation. It is also important to note that Sky Mavis reserves the right to change these rules at any time. For scientists, you need to be very careful not to neglect any of the above reasons for the ban. You have to remember that you don`t own the axes of your account and that not following these rules can get you in trouble, but it`s also very detrimental to your manager`s livelihood. If you are interested in playing this game to earn money, it is recommended to follow these rules and protect your Axie Infinity account from suspension. If your MMR falls below 800 MMR with the latest update, this will prevent you from receiving SLP. Some players will try to create a new account and transfer their Axies to it and will be able to earn SLPs again.

This too violates the rules and can lead to a ban. – Axie Artworks must be clearly marked as “Axie Infinity Fanart” with this link on the description of the Axie Fanart. Avoid being suspended by following some of these ongoing rules, according to P2E: Making mistakes in the Axie market is quite common, especially when pricing Axies during a sale. Some players use bots to automatically buy axes that are sold far too low on the market. Using similar bots is punishable and may permanently block your Axies and Ronin account. These new owners can rest assured that their axes will be restored to their accounts without having to contact the Axie Infinity support team. If you really want to keep your accounts free and continue playing and winning with the game, we recommend that you read the Axie Infinity Terms of Service carefully. The Axie Infinity Terms of Service state: “If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any current or future use of the Website, App and Smart Contracts (or any part thereof).” – Cheat, cheat, do not hack, lying or misleading players, as well as the game system. Do not use any type of automated system that could modify or hack the system while playing a game, including data mining tools, extraction tools, and robots. You may be asked to solve a captcha that requires you to push a piece of the puzzle to the right place. The decision was first announced on Discord, followed by a Twitter statement that included a screenshot of the Discord message. There are players who want to be villains and want to move Axies from one account to another on the same day to claim the 50 SLP of daily missions in different accounts and closes it more, and the developers have warned that this is not allowed.

Oye, oye, how are you? In this article, I will explain how to avoid prohibitions in Axie Infinity, note that an Axie Forbidden cannot be used to play or reproduce, and it is very unlikely that anyone bought it. Suspended Axies and Ronin accounts mean that they can no longer use these Axies/Accounts accounts. “Our goal is to let the penalties of fraud outweigh the benefits.” Ban Wave article in Axie Infinity. Learn about the latest wave of Axies and Ronin account bans, terms of use, terms of use, ban rules, ban guide, violations, and more. Numbers 2 and 3 can make the game slow and boring for other players. The Axie Infinity team has warned its users about this. This means that you play multiple accounts as a single person. These players violated Section Four of the Axie Infinity Terms of Service, which states that participation in practices aimed at manipulating the outcome of a game, whether it is an arena or a tournament, is strictly prohibited. Users or fans who generate revenue from Alike, especially through NFT Trading, can only generate a maximum revenue of $10,000. Axie Infinity issues a long-term ban on players convicted of match-fixing and winning trading. After careful investigation, these accounts have been banned from playing the game and players are not allowed to participate in the official axie Infinity eSports events.

Suspended Axie Infinity accounts also lose their Season 20 rewards.Sky Mavis, the developers behind the popular Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game title, has already issued a final warning to players who intentionally lost the game or forced it to shoot to reduce the loss of matchmaking odds (MMR).